I’m an artist working with moving image, photography and sound. My work often begins with an everyday location – a window, a stairwell, a tree – and I use field recording and close-up photography to focus on details in the space. I am interested in optical experimentation and use analogue techniques to manipulate light, my camera and video footage.

My recent work focuses on the site where I live, a former school building surrounded by a playground which has been reclaimed by nature; these short films consider the ways that I and my non-human neighbours inhabit the space. With a focus on atmosphere over narrative, the films aim to immerse viewers in a palette of sonic and visual textures.

I studied graphic design and illustration at London College of Communication, UAL (2006-2010) Contemporary Practice at City Lit (2018-2019) and completed an MA in Artists’ Film & Moving Image at Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2020.

email: annamolan@outlook.com


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